A delicious tonic born of diligence, creativity and tradition

Artizn’s commitment to the uncompromising quality of traditional craftsmanship and its inherent wisdom drove us to create an exceptionally healthy and delicious beverage. We believe in offering a product that's been cultivated with integrity. This is why we’ve travelled to the Ganghwa Island of South Korea to source a naturally fermented vinegar with a 3,000-year-old history and venerated benefits for both the mind and body. We go just as far in our search for every element included in our beverage, from the ingredients we put in the bottle to the ones that make up the bottle itself, setting a new standard of wellness beverage. We are proud to be vegan, all-natural, and use sustainable glass packaging.

At the heart of our naturally fermented tonic is a premium & patented South Korean vinegar. We source it from a family institution that's been passing down its ancestral wisdom and craftsmanship for 35 generations and counting. The exceptional quality of this vinegar is achieved by utilizing only the finest raw materials and a natural fermentation process that lasts three years. Ageing the vinegar this way not only gives it depth and complexity in taste, but also makes it rich in powerful enzymes, organic acids and antioxidants that have unique health benefits. Artizn has paired this traditional recipe with vibrant, all-natural ingredients that pay tribute to naturally fermented vinegar’s honorable heritage.